MetsPlus Asks: Mets Uniforms


Anyone that knows me knows that I love uniforms, especially for baseball. I talk about it seemingly every week, and this week is no different.

The other day on my Twitter page, I asked a simple question about Mets uniforms:

If the Mets had to make one uniform change, what would you like it to be?

And a lot of the readers of the blog chimed in with some interesting answers, some of which I’ll respond to here:

Mr.Butera has an interesting idea for sure, and while I believe that the 1997 Ice Cream caps won’t see any daylight beyond the The7Line Uniform Cap that was just released, I’m interested to see the Mercury Mets come back for one day, maybe in the year 2027, the supposed day when the Mets are supposed to move to Mercury.

I do hope, however, if the Mets did ever switch planets, the uniforms would look slightly better than the prediction.


The next response comes from Tavo, with an interesting idea that I’ve contemplated myself:

After doing some research, the only time the Mets ever wore a sleeveless uniform was on Turn Ahead the Clock day, as seen above, and while that doesn’t look too pretty, with the Blue and Orange colors like you recommended, it could be a cool design.

Unfortunately, a radical re-design like that would be a few years down the road if it were ever brought in, and that in itself is extremely unlikely, though personally I would be interested in a sleeveless alternate.

My favorite response comes from Mr.Trager, who suggests taking off the New Era logo, something that will probably never happen until Major League Baseball switches cap suppliers, which itself will probably never happen, but that doesn’t stop me from taking off the logo from on-field authentics I purchase from the store.

Another interesting reply is this one, which is a suggestion for mandatory high socks:

When I played recreational baseball, I was a high socks guy myself, but as you see on TV, a large percentage of players prefer the pants all the way down, and while the new Stance designs have turned some players over, I believe it’s a long shot to see a regulation that forces players to wear high socks.

Abe also replied suggesting the Mets wear their classic pinstripe uniforms more, which is definitely something the Mets have been doing, as they rarely wore their blue alternates last year, maybe because of that curse…. 

One problem I do have is the number of days special event tops and caps are worn. It almost felt like every weekend this year was a holiday of sorts, and that was reason to celebrate with a different uniform. I would be in favor of abolishing this or having a smaller more subtle mark commemorating the holiday, but considering how much money MLB reels in from these special designs, that’s unlikely.


 Anyway, as you can see, Mets fans have a lot of different ideas for what alterations  should be made to the uniform set. Have any other thoughts? Tweet me @NikoMetsPlus or comment below.


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