Reed Out, Rosario In

Well, trading season is over, and, like Lucas Duda, Addison Reed is no longer a New York Met. And, as a response, Sandy Alderson said in a statement that Amed Rosario will be called up from Las Vegas to join the Mets in Denver on Tuesday, as the Mets face the Colorado Rockies.

The Mets also did not deal Curtis Granderson, Asdrubal Cabrera, Neil Walker or Asdrubal Cabrera, all of whom are free agents at the end of the year, and could have been an asset to a team making a playoff push, as well as a way to save some salary.

So what does this all mean?

Well, for starters the Mets have basically forfeited their season, if that wasn’t evident enough in their play the last few months.

However, I can’t say that I’m against the moves. Like’s Michael Baron said, Addison Reed was phenomenal as a Met, pitching to a 2.09 ERA in 145 games, with 21 saves, and the returns that the Mets got are pretty decent prospects in the Red Sox organization, so that deal appears to be a win-win.

Additionally, the move to promote Rosario (and eventually Smith) is a way to see what we have and take stock for next season. With the older veterans out of the way, and the newer position players coming in, this team could truly be at it’s prime in 2018-2019, subject to health.

So, I think this was a successful deadline, and with two months left in the season (one month to the waiver deadline) it’s a good time to really evaluate the team and find the best course to success.


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