2017 Triple-A All-Star Week Preview


It’s that time of year again! Every year since 2011, MetsPlus has covered the Triple-A All Star Game, which this year, will be held in the Pacific Northwest, in the smallest Triple-A Ballpark out there, Cheney Stadium, in Tacoma, Washington.

The home club, the Tacoma Rainiers, got the rights to hold the best non-major league game in pro-baseball, and it should be an exciting week.

The schedule of events is remarkably similar to that of previous years, with the exception of the All-Star Luncheon, which seems to have gotten the axe.


Another interesting note are the unique start times. Instead of 7pm and 8pm, per usual. The All-Star Game starts at 6pm Pacific, most probably to accommodate MLB Network’s east coast viewers.

The stadium in itself should be interesting, Historic Cheney Stadium, virtually unrecognizable from it’s prior state, has beautiful views, is credited as an intimate but enjoyable place to watch a game, and should be a fine venue.

The only problems I see are with the Home Run Derby. Unlike prior years in Durham, Omaha and Charlotte, where there were plenty of outfield seats or a berm, Cheney Stadium only has a small left field party area (pictured above), and nothing anywhere else. This might be a challenge for fans with ambitions on getting a baseball.

Additionally, as was mentioned, the limited capacity of 10,000 is the lowest in the Minor Leagues, so tickets, I presume, are fairly limited at this point.

Tomorrow, MetsPlus will preview the 2017 Triple-A Home Run Derby, presented by AlaskaUSA


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