Robert Gsellman looking better with every start….


For the second consecutive start, Mets pitcher Robert Gsellman has delivered a quality start. Yesterday, on Memorial Day, Robert allowed 2 earned runs over 7 innings pitched. Which lowered his inflated ERA to 5.75, which is still nowhere near where one would want to be this time of year, but is more breathable.

Gsellman, who was supposed to be the fifth starter in the rotation coming into the year, was moved up to the third starter slot, before getting pushed down to the point that he went to the bullpen, only to solidify a rotation spot for the time being,

However, Gsellman will have to have a few more quality starts in the not to distant future, as both Steven Matz and Seth Lugo are estimated to re-join the rotation in the upcoming weeks, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Gsellman was transitioned back into the long man roll that he previously had.

One bright spot about this is that it’s generally a good problem to have. Too much depth is always better than too little depth, so the Mets will take this problem, considering the rotation consisted of Rafael Montero and Tommy Milone two weeks ago.



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