#MetsPlus360: So what is it like to sit behind home plate at Citi Field?

Last Sunday, I had the extreme fortune to sit in the second row behind home-plate, a true once in a lifetime experience.

I have to start off by thanking the gentleman who works with one of the Mets sponsors for giving us the tickets. I’ve never sat in the Delta seats in front of the “moat” before, and it was a real thrill.

So, I wanted to share some of my thoughts (pros and cons) of sitting behind home plate.

I arrived at the stadium at 11am, a full two hours before game time. I wanted to spend as much time in the seats as possible, so I could scout it out. I’ve sat in all seating locations at Citi Field with the exception of the uber-special Delta seats, Hyundai Club, Party City Deck, and the Sterling Suites, so I was able to cross one more locations off the list.


The promotion of the day were Neil Walker Batting Gloves. Not sure what makes them Neil Walker gloves, especially when the image on the packaging has him wearing solid white gloves, not the orange and blue ones given out.


Mike Francesa arrived shortly after I did, at around 11:40, and he was very nice and willing to take a photo with me when I asked. Unfortunately he wasn’t all smiles after the game, which I’m sure he regrets attending.


For some reason, I was mesmerized by the little Mets sign behind home plate, I’d seen it since the introduced it in 2011 during a Mets vs. Dodgers game (replacing a Mets skyline logo which had been there since 2010).

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 4.46.30 PM

In reality it’s a black tape covering up the old “mets.com” sign, and the Mets word mark is sticking on like a magnet.

The seats were very nice, with the appropriate padding (even though I don’t need all that padding to be comfortable). In the first row, a lot of people placed their feet against the other side of the brick backstop, which featured safety placards.


As a fan in a Delta Platinum seat, I had access to all clubs but the Hyundai all-you-can eat Club. I did, however, have access to the Delta Sky LOUNGE (not CLUB), which was for fans seated in rows 1-5. It featured free light food, sides, ballpark favorites, nonalcoholic Coca Cola products, and a for-purchase par.


It was a small space, and nowhere as “luxurious” as the Legends Club in the Bronx, but it was a very nice set-up with super friendly staff members.

Here’s some photo’s of what was on offer during the game:

I did my best to never leave my seat all-game, as I was keeping score with a scorebook, but there was one time I did leave my seat and I was caught on camera, specifically during T.J Rivera’s fourth inning at bat:

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 4.55.35 PM

My seat mates were Marlins fans, who received their tickets from the famous Marlins Man, and they were having fun with the camera, to say the least.

I was wearing my super cool The7Line Cool Base 2017 jersey, which was really awesome to wear, as I hadn’t had the opportunity to wear it to the game until this past Sunday.

Unfortunately, the game was terrible, and was one of the shortest games I’ve been to, but it was a lot of fun nonetheless, and a priceless memory for me.


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