May 2017

Meet Jeremy Rochford, the man that will do anything to become a Scout

Mets Plus

We’ve all heard those cliché expressions. “You have to follow your dreams”, and “you can only get there if you try as hard as you can try”. Well, during my trip the Winter Meetings in National Harbor, Maryland, I met the guy that wanted to put those clichés to the test.


His name is Jeremy Rochford, a 28 year old from California, who has had various jobs throughout MiLB, and has tried to follow his dream of becoming a scout since he was a junior in high school.

What did he do?

He packed his bags, flew across the continental USA, and landed in the Nation’s Capital, with his huge sign, which reads “PLEASE INTERVIEW ME”, hoping that someone would take it seriously and offer him a position.

I had seen him multiple times in the lobby of the Gaylord National, and I had seen some people taking photos with…

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The Plus in MetsPlus: A Little more about Citi Perks

Mets Plus


You’ve probably seen them advertised on television. You’ve probably seen Citi Field personal in Blue t-shirts try to hand you a flyer about them, and you’ve probably realized that not everyone is eligible for them, but what are the perks? Today, we are going to figure that out.

First off, let’s look at who is eligible for Citi Perks. The main page of the Citi Perks website shows an image of three credit cards that are Citi Cards.

600x372_0415_citiperks Even though there are three cards featured, many more offer Citi Perks.

As you can see, the Citi Double cash card, the Citi Simplicity, and Citi ThankYou preferred are all featured in the image, but those are not the only Citi cards on the market. The Citi Prestige which is often thought of as one of the best premium cards on the market (which comes with 50,00 Thank you points, an…

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#PlayBallWeekend: Conforto Hitting Demo

This weekend is Play Ball Weekend, which means special kid-friendly articles and features all week long!

Today, Kevin Long and Michael Conforto demonstrate hitting tips for the young ones on MLB Network’s Play Ball.

Robert Gsellman looking better with every start….


For the second consecutive start, Mets pitcher Robert Gsellman has delivered a quality start. Yesterday, on Memorial Day, Robert allowed 2 earned runs over 7 innings pitched. Which lowered his inflated ERA to 5.75, which is still nowhere near where one would want to be this time of year, but is more breathable.

Gsellman, who was supposed to be the fifth starter in the rotation coming into the year, was moved up to the third starter slot, before getting pushed down to the point that he went to the bullpen, only to solidify a rotation spot for the time being,

However, Gsellman will have to have a few more quality starts in the not to distant future, as both Steven Matz and Seth Lugo are estimated to re-join the rotation in the upcoming weeks, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Gsellman was transitioned back into the long man roll that he previously had.

One bright spot about this is that it’s generally a good problem to have. Too much depth is always better than too little depth, so the Mets will take this problem, considering the rotation consisted of Rafael Montero and Tommy Milone two weeks ago.


Let’s Go Mets Plus!

2017 is my fourth full season of blogging about Mets baseball, and, in my third year of MetsPlus, I wanted to share a new slogan to pair with the MetsPlus brand, that will be featured across our social medias.

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 10.45.01 PM

The phrase is “Let’s Go Mets Plus”, a take on “Let’s Go Mets” with the Plus being inserted afterwards.

While the Mets season has not been going dandy so far, changing things up and keeping spirits high is the one way to keep the good times going.

So, to the over half a million who have been reading these last four years, I want to say: Let’s Go Mets (Plus)!

Raging Hot Michael Conforto gets first Topps Now Card


On Tuesday, Michael Conforto hit two homeruns and had four runs batted in (three of those in the first inning from the leadoff spot, which was a club record).

This was just another day of work for Conforto, who has been so hot, that fans have been urging other fans to #WriteInConforto, even though he’s not on the all star game ballot.

Topps NOW, the limited edition baseball card that crowned Noah Syndergaard their intern when they unveiled a card for him in April, has come out with another Mets card for Conforto, which one can buy here.

Of course, like with any Topps NOW card, this can only be purchased until 3pm, so if you want the card, click the above link quickly!

Terry Collins to be the longest tenured Mets manager


Terry Collins, the Mets manager since the year 2011, is set to be the longest tenured manager in Mets history in terms of games coached, if he manages through this Saturday’s game versus the Los Angeles Angels (which he should break no problem, unless the Mets lose today and Alderson wants to really shake things up.)

For those un-familiar, here is a list of the Mets managers:

Jerry Manuel  2008-10

Willie Randolph 2004-08

Art Howe 2003-04

Bobby Valentine1996-2002

Dallas Green 1993-96

Jeff Torborg 1992-93

Mike Cubbage 1991

Bud Harrelson 1990-91

Davey Johnson 1984-90

Frank Howard 1983

George Bamberger 1982-83

Joe Torre 1977-81

Joe Frazier 1976-77

Roy McMillan 1975

Yogi Berra1972-75

Gil Hodges 1968-71

Salty Parker 1967

Wes Westrum 1965-67

Casey Stengel 1962-1965

#MetsPlus360: So what is it like to sit behind home plate at Citi Field?

Last Sunday, I had the extreme fortune to sit in the second row behind home-plate, a true once in a lifetime experience.

I have to start off by thanking the gentleman who works with one of the Mets sponsors for giving us the tickets. I’ve never sat in the Delta seats in front of the “moat” before, and it was a real thrill.

So, I wanted to share some of my thoughts (pros and cons) of sitting behind home plate.

I arrived at the stadium at 11am, a full two hours before game time. I wanted to spend as much time in the seats as possible, so I could scout it out. I’ve sat in all seating locations at Citi Field with the exception of the uber-special Delta seats, Hyundai Club, Party City Deck, and the Sterling Suites, so I was able to cross one more locations off the list.


The promotion of the day were Neil Walker Batting Gloves. Not sure what makes them Neil Walker gloves, especially when the image on the packaging has him wearing solid white gloves, not the orange and blue ones given out.


Mike Francesa arrived shortly after I did, at around 11:40, and he was very nice and willing to take a photo with me when I asked. Unfortunately he wasn’t all smiles after the game, which I’m sure he regrets attending.


For some reason, I was mesmerized by the little Mets sign behind home plate, I’d seen it since the introduced it in 2011 during a Mets vs. Dodgers game (replacing a Mets skyline logo which had been there since 2010).

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 4.46.30 PM

In reality it’s a black tape covering up the old “” sign, and the Mets word mark is sticking on like a magnet.

The seats were very nice, with the appropriate padding (even though I don’t need all that padding to be comfortable). In the first row, a lot of people placed their feet against the other side of the brick backstop, which featured safety placards.


As a fan in a Delta Platinum seat, I had access to all clubs but the Hyundai all-you-can eat Club. I did, however, have access to the Delta Sky LOUNGE (not CLUB), which was for fans seated in rows 1-5. It featured free light food, sides, ballpark favorites, nonalcoholic Coca Cola products, and a for-purchase par.


It was a small space, and nowhere as “luxurious” as the Legends Club in the Bronx, but it was a very nice set-up with super friendly staff members.

Here’s some photo’s of what was on offer during the game:

I did my best to never leave my seat all-game, as I was keeping score with a scorebook, but there was one time I did leave my seat and I was caught on camera, specifically during T.J Rivera’s fourth inning at bat:

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 4.55.35 PM

My seat mates were Marlins fans, who received their tickets from the famous Marlins Man, and they were having fun with the camera, to say the least.

I was wearing my super cool The7Line Cool Base 2017 jersey, which was really awesome to wear, as I hadn’t had the opportunity to wear it to the game until this past Sunday.

Unfortunately, the game was terrible, and was one of the shortest games I’ve been to, but it was a lot of fun nonetheless, and a priceless memory for me.

#MetsPlus360: Mike Piazza’s Reception at the Farmer’s Museum in Cooperstown,NY

In the  inaugural MetsPlus360, I  shared my story of Mike Piazza’s reception at the Farmer’s Museum, in Cooperstown, New York:

After the Hall Of Fame Parade, where many of the game’s legends strolled down Main Street in fancy Ford trucks, Mike Piazza and other Mets alumni, family and friends made their way to the Farmer’s Museum. At first it was a little awkward. A farmer’s museum doesn’t seem like the first place to hold a formal gathering, but the reception area was very nice and professional, and it was lit with dangling lightbulbs, like one can find throughout the Excelsior Level and on the Coca-Cola Corner at Citi Field.

There were plenty of food options in the reception area, which was breaker into two areas, inside and outside. Inside, there was a full service bar, light finger foods and an Ice Cream station that opened up 90 minutes prior to the events end.

Outside, there were a few more food stations. My personal favorite was a Pulled Pork Sandwich station (I had two… or three), a hamburger station, a taco stand, another station with miscellaneous comfort food items, and I slightly smaller full service bar.

After we got settled in, a few of the high-profile guests arrived. Ex-Mets Al Lieter, Tom Glavine and Cliff Floyd all were present. Additionally, Mets owners Fred and Jeff Wilpon attended the event, to give Mr.Piazza a very special gift

Once the dust settled, I went over to Piazza to introduce myself and ask for a photo. He happily obliged, and while this isn’t surprising news to anyone, Mike had no objections to taking any photos, and was admirably gracious to anyone and everyone who asked for one. Here’s me with Mike:

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 12.33.30 PM.png

Of course, there we a few other high-rollers that attended the event shortly after Piazza’s arrival. Tommy LaSorda and Joe Torre, two Baseball legends, strolled in fashionably late, and while I didn’t take any pictures with them, they were very humble.

One of the most important attendees was Major League Baseball’s commissioner, Robert Manfred, who had no objections to my photo request.

me and the manfred farmers16-7-24.jpg

Finally, before leaving, Mike Piazza pendants and caps were handed out, which was a nice touch. Ultimately, this was an amazing event that I probably had no business being at, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

A heart felt thanks to Mike and Alicia Piazza for the generous invitation both to the induction ceremony and the Farmers Museum reception.

My Thoughts on Matt Harvey


Disclaimer: I’ve never been a Matt Harvey “fan”. I’m a fan of the uniform he wears and will support his performance as long as he’s wearing the Orange and Blue, but after the game, I have no interest in Matt. I’ve wanted to see him out of Queens for three years now. In 2014, when he refused to rehab in Port St.Lucie after his first taste of fandom, I called in to the “Mets: On The Air” radio show (hosted by James Flippin) in January of 2015 and suggested that the Mets deal Harvey, as they’d get a great return. That was mostly laughed at, but year after year, the drama has increased and his trade value has decreased to little or nothing.

So, when I headed to the ballpark today to see Harvey, I was a bit hesitant, especially after the discouraging starts he’s had the last few weeks. And then, as I was on the (7) at 74th Street/Broadway station, the news broke. Adam Wilk was somehow in New York, and was going to pitch the matinee, as Harvey was in day two of a three game suspension.

Um, what?

How can someone be halfway through a club-mandated suspension, and be listed as the scheduled pitcher two hours prior to game time? This was the first sign of improper behavior on the Mets part, and my friend on social media, Jordan Gregory, went as far as to say what the Mets did was fraud.

And, sure enough, at 1:10pm, there was Wilk, who had been in five states in twenty-four hours, pitching for the Mets. And immediately following was a literal and figurative black cloud. The offense was nowhere to be found, and everyone seemed discouraged, possibly by the Harvey news.

Anderson and Collins both addressed the media, but were seriously restricted in what they said, and since they spoke in tongues, some fans were more confused with more speculation.

Ken Rosenthal of reported that Harvey “had a migraine” and “the team saw it differently” at 2:14pm, and later reported that he didn’t show up all together.

Now, I have some thoughts on what might have happened, but my speculation is just as good as anyone else’s, so I’m going to withhold them until we get more factual information, but I will say this. Matt Harvey has to show that he wants to play, NOW.

Like Jose Reyes said today, he needs to show up to work and act like the employee that he is. His job is to be the best player he can be, not be out on the town every night, and be on Page Six of the Post instead of the back pages, celebrating a shutout.

One night his girlfriend Adriana Lima is caught out with Julian Edelman, and the next night Harvey has no command and is hit hard while pitching against the Atlanta Braves.

No player is going to come without baggage, I have no problem with a cool commercial here and there, and even a skit on the Jimmy Fallon show, but I feel like this is a played out drama, and that he’s negatively impacting the Mets.

I still think the Mets will figure it out and get to the postseason, but I’m very disappointed with these early developments. I rather have a guy like Montero, who is trying his best, without success, than a guy like Harvey, with his prima donna attitude and mixed results.

So go ahead, Harvey, file a grievance against the Mets for whatever it is you did that no one wants to tell us, I’m sure that’ll go great around the clubhouse that didn’t have your back one bit today.