Comparing the Mets Garden Gnome Commercials

Tomorrow is Mets Garden Gnome Night (or Day?, it’s a 4pm start). And for the third consecutive year, one of the Mets aces is getting “gnomeified” for the first 15,000 fans that enter Citi Field. In 2015, it was the “deGnome”, or Jacob deGrom. Last year, it was the “Syndergaarden” Gnome, for Noah Syndergaard. And this year, Matt Harvey will have his turn.

Alongside the promotions, however, are ads. Advertisements that get drilled into you every half inning on SNY. And seeing as I can recite each of these commercials word for word, I’m curious what readers think the best Gnome commercial was.

Here’s the 2015 Jacob “deGnome” ad, featuring Howie Rose.

Not too bad. Nothing extra special, but funny to see deGrom’s reaction to the gnome.

Next up is Noah Syndergaard’s 2016 ad. Noah provides gnome commentary to start, while Mets PA announcer Alex Anthony shares ticket and time info.

That was probably the most comedic, and I love how the music changes tone after Alex starts talking.

Speaking of music, I love the background music in this year’s commercial for the Harvey gnome:

So what is your favorite commercial? Stupid post, I know, but I thought it would be a fun reflection on an un-savory weak for the Amazin’s.


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