New Features for 2017

MetsPlus is in it’s fifth baseball season, and it’s fourth covering the Mets exclusively. Year after year, the adventures and places that the blog takes me on grows, and I continue to look forward to continued success. However, as I’ve mentioned plenty of times here, I want to re-invent the blog, and I want to see what I can do here.

Last year, two new features were launched, one of which took me to Cooperstown to see Mike Piazza.


And the other of which has taken me to the concession stands at Citi Field, flying Business Class, and talking about Subways.


Today, I wanted to reveal a new feature on MetsPlus, and the current ones, and what the outlook is.

#ThePlusInMetsPlus (2016-): One of the non-Baseball related features, The Plus In Mets Plus talks about things that might have some relevance to Baseball or the gameday experience. Last year, this was a weekly feature, but will now come out once at least once a month.

#MetsPlus360 (2016-):  Like The Plus In Mets Plus, MetsPlus360 reviews a moment or experience, but it is strictly Mets related. A review of Piazza’s number retirement, or the Syndergaard Topps event are examples of a MetsPlus360 feature.

#PlusVoices (2017-): The Mets have over 30 bloggers, 10 podcasts, and plenty of online personalities. On Plus Voices, we will get to learn a little more about some of these personalities.



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