About my affiliation with MLB.com….


The baseball season is fully underway, and as we enter the second weekend of the baseball regular season, I wanted to clarify something that some (probably none) of you might be curious about.

Last December, I wrote this post about my affiliation with Major League Baseball’s website, MLB.com, and how the partnership was coming to a close. I stated that December 21st was going to be the day (roughly) when I left the MLBlogs site, and transitioned to an independent blog, due to MLB’s switch from WordPress to Medium, something I had no interest in whatsoever.

However, the WordPress MLBlogs template is still active, and with my time being pushed towards my college search, I haven’t had the time or resources to change the look of the blog and formally de-tach myself.

So, while the blog might say “MLB.com/Blogs” at the top, I no longer have any formal relationship with the MLB.com family of blogs, moreover, I’m still running the former MLB.com theme.

One thing I am curious about, however, is who is collecting the ad revenue, because I haven’t got a cent, and MLB is no longer attached. Anyway, back to Mets baseball…


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