MLB Releases Special Event Uniforms for 2017

For the second year in a row, special uniforms will be worn during Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day and Independence Day, however, this year, there is twist.

Instead of wearing the Mother’s Day cap and uni on Mother’s Day, they will be worn on “Mother’s Day weekend”. And Independence Day? The combo isn’t just being worn the fourth of July, it’ll be worn on the first, second, third and fourth.

Another big change are the special Stance socks that are coming into play this year. Now, there will be two Mother’s and Father’s Day designs, and special designs for both Memorial Day and the Independence Day Week games.

Here is the full assortment of Mets Uniforms and Caps, courtesy of the great site.


As you can see, the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day sets are un-changed, and the Memorial Day jersey is fairly similar to what it was like in the past, with the noticeable addition of the solid dark green on the caps, and the five stars on the side.

Independence Day comes with a nice cap, which will feature a glossy glued on liquid chrome “NY” logo, similar to the material on the Spring Training side patch.

All proceeds will go the applicable charities associated with the holiday, which is a nice touch, and takes the “greed” factor out of these uniforms, so it’s hard to criticize any of these uniforms.

What are your thought’s on these Special Event Uniforms? 


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