April 5th, 2017

MetsPlus Minors Preview: The 2017 Columbia Fireflies

Mets Plus

Today, as we inch closer and closer to Opening Day 2017 (even though the Blizzard makes me think we are still two months away). I wanted to preview the seasons for some of the Mets affiliates, specifically ones that some people might know a little bit less about, but will still root for even if they don’t know the roster by memory. The Columbia Fireflies fit that criteria, and without further ado, here’s a preview of the 2017 Columbia Fireflies season: 

That logo is awesome, isn’t it?

Anyway, I first head of the Columbia Fireflies like most people did, during the announcement that the Savanah Sand Gnats, the previous incarnation of the franchise, was moving out of Savanah after 2015, and after seeing their name, uniform and cap combo, I was hooked, and wanted to see the team and feel the atmosphere up close.

I did so by attending one of their games…

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Does Bartolo Colon turn into the Enemy?

While he may have been an essential part of our rotation for three years, been one of the best guys personality wise in a long time, and be the source of some of the game’s best meme’s, Bartolo Colon is now a member of the Atlanta Braves.

The introduction, as you can see in the video above, was a resoundingly positive one, so positive you could barely here Howie Rose announce Colon’s name.

However, it’s one thing to be introduced, and it’s a totally other thing to play against the team.

Some people, who loved every minute of Colon’s presence in New York, had a wide range of opinions. A few view Colon as the enemy:

And there were some people that will still believe they will have ties towards Colon:

So what are my thoughts?

Well, I liked Colon, and versus any other team, I’ll still pull for Colon in a tight situation, but versus the Mets, there is no way I can root for him or hope for anything better than a terrible outing. Sure, it’s the bad part of baseball, the business side, where players get deposed of before they even step in the building, but I just can’t be on Colon’s side.

There will be a pre-game video tribute, which will be nice, but after first pitch, it’s Mets vs Braves, and all I see is #40 versus the Orange & Blue.