Going to Opening Day? THUN-DER!

And I thought O Fortuna was going to be exciting…..

As you can see from the embedded video above, Noah Syndergaard took it upon himself to DM one of The 7 Line accounts. Why? Well, he wanted to get the word out of his warm-up/at-bat song that he will be debuting tomorrow on Opening Day.

The complete song, Thunderstruck by AC/DC, was released in the year 1990, and it’s the third warm-up song for Noah Syndergaard. In 2015, we warmed up to the Game Of Thrones theme, and last year, O Fortuna.

So, tomorrow, if your at the ballpark, be sure to chant along with “THUN-DER” when the song comes on after the Mets take the field.


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