1o Days Until Opening Day: The 10 Run Inning

Mike Piazza was inducted into the Baseball Hall Of Fame and had his number #31 retired by the Mets last year. With 10 days until Opening Day, I decided to throw it back to one of Mike Piazza’s most memorable game, the comeback versus the Braves in June of 2000.

This game has been replayed countless times on SNY, and is honestly one of my favorite Mets Classics. At the end of the day, the game was a regular night game in June, but that is sort of the charm of the whole game, and the 2000 season. Nothing super remarkable, but a good memory when thinking about it in retrospect.

Last season, I wrote more about Piazza and my experience at his prestigious events. Here’s an excerpt from my “Top Posts of All Time” from last December:

#1 Piazza Induction & Number Retirement (July 2016) 



I mean, how can meeting Mike Piazza not be at the top of the list? This is actually two blog posts, the first part was my time in Cooperstown, New York for the induction ceremony, and part two was the actual number retirement, which I enjoyed a little more.

This, without a doubt, is my top Mets related memory of all time.


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