13 Days Until Opening Day: My First Opening Day

Opening Day is only 13 days away, for these next two weeks, I’m going to write a daily post leading up to the 1:10pm start on April 3rd. 


Opening Day is very special to me. While some kids wake up extra early on Christmas morning and run downstairs to see their presents, I wake up on Opening Day and get on the first train towards Citi Field.

However, when I was younger, I did this with Shea Stadium. My first Opening Day was in 2008, when I was nine (I had gone to games at Shea since 2003, but never an Opening Day until ’08) and, for the most part it was fairly overwhelming. The ramps that day, a 1pm Phillies vs Mets game, were as loud as I can remember, and the field was as green as I’ve ever seen.

The Mets were still sore from their NL East collapse the year before, and had lost 10 straight games up to that point. The booing of the Phillies players during Opening Day were so loud, and they were so passionate. Ultimately, the game was blown, in typical 2007-08 Mets fashion, by the teams bullpen (Aaron Heilman, Billy Wagner, Jorge Sosa, Scott Schoeneweis anyone?) and ultimately lost 5-2.

I wish I was smart enough back then to grab the camcorder and shoot some film, which would have been awesome right now….



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