My 2017 Club Mets Credentials have Arrived

Last year, I talked about the benefits of Club Mets, in my first year of being a member.

Ultimately, I cam to the conclusion that you are basically paying $19 dollars for two promenade tickets and a plastic novelty card, which, I believed was a good evaluation.

I also took criticism to the fact that they weren’t giving out Press Notes, but they did so after Memorial Day, so that became a non-issue.

And, while a lot of the other benefits were garbage, like “exclusive prices” and “members only forum”, which never surfaced, the tickets are worth more than $19 dollars, so I jumped at the opportunity to renew last January, and today the kit came in the mail.

The kit came in a regular envelope, with little fanfare, but was addressed to me correctly, which is better than what happened last year.


Inside there were surprisingly few contents, just a basic leaflet informing me of the basic benefits, and a glued on membership card, which has a blue, basic design this year, with “Club” in a university style font, which I quite like.


On the back of the card is the url that I had to go to for the ticket redemption, and, for the most part, it wasn’t much of a hassle.

Overall, this is a good membership, but has little perks. Stuff like priority security and space available seat upgrades would give this membership a higher yield, even if it was at a  more expensive price point. For $19 dollars, however, the Club Mets membership is a no-brainer.



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