Anyone else hooked on the World Baseball Classic?



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I didn’t watch the 2006 World Baseball Classic, the only thing I remember from the ’09 Classic is Wright’s walk off hit and the US losing in Los Angeles to Japan in the semi-finals, and while I remember the 2013 Classic, and I followed it, it didn’t captivate me, and I was bored by the championship game. This year, however, I have World Baseball Classic Fever.

The first few days is always a little hard to follow, with start times of 10pm and 5am, but when the Latin and American pool games begin, I actually stop watching the Mets Spring Training games, and instead focus in on the World Baseball Classic.

As a Canadian (and an American) I was routing with Canada and America from the outset. Generally, I know Canada isn’t going to advance while the US will, so while I route for Canada, I always go for the US over Canada as I know the Americans will have a better shot moving forward. On Thursday, the Canadians got demolished by the Dominicans, and they then swiped a game from the US, in what is one one the best teams ever assembled.

Seriously though, top to bottom, the Dominican team is like a swiss army knife, with a million tricks. With the exception of Jose Reyes, everyone is a major threat to go deep, and one bad pitcher would ruin the game against them.

This Classic makes me wish the best players from the United States (I’m looking at you, Bumgarner, Trout, Kershaw, Harper) actually played for the US team, and faced this Dominican lineup. How epic would that be?

Anyway, I’m looking forward to this game today, hopefully the US solidifies their spot in San Diego today with a win over Canada, in what will be Ryan Dempster’s last baseball game.

Who’s pitching for the Mets today, Wilk?


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