A Q&A with Adam Rubin on 15 years covering the Mets, his departure from ESPN and what really happened with Omar Minaya

I subscribe to a lot of newsletters, but one of my favorites is the -30- Letter from Jared Diamond and Mike Vorkonov.

The two, who are former Mets beat writers, sat down with Adam Rubin, longtime Mets reporter (who started covering the team before I was born) and divulged some pretty interesting information about his departure from ESPN and Omar Minaya.

I highly suggest reading this, and subscribing to the newsletter.

The -30-

Every week we will run a Q&A with a wonderful reporter to talk about what’s right and wrong with journalism, their interests and random other stuff. Some are friends. Some are just people whose work we really respect. Some cover sports. Some don’t. Hopefully all will be interesting.

This week, it’s with Adam Rubin, a longtime baseball writer and now the assistant athletic director for strategic communications at the New York Institute of Technology. For 15 years, Adam was one of the best beat writers in the country, amassing an enormous following and serving as the primary source of New York Mets news, information and analysis for a generation. Here, we discuss his career on the beat, the circumstances surrounding his departure from ESPN and what he’s doing now. Plus, what really did happen that time with Omar Minaya?

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