Sad News: Bill Webb, longtime TV Director passes away


Bill Webb on the right – New York Times

People often say the Mets have the best booth in Baseball, and that is true, but the only reason SNY comes off as a great production is because of the amazing work from the talent that goes un-recognized in the truck behind the scenes.

Long time connoisseur in Baseball directing, Bill Webb, has passed away due to a battle with cancer. Webb directed Mets games on television for over 40 years, and has spent over 17 years directing the World Series nationally.

Webb, who wasn’t scheduled to direct many games this year, will be deeply missed, and the Mets issued a moment of silence prior to today’s Red Sox-Mets game at First Data Field.

Personally, I’ve never met Mr.Webb, but from watching his telecasts over the last 10+ years, I can see and understand why be praise him so much. All of his telecasts bleed the precision and good qualities that come with a sharp mind.

I share my condolences to his entire family.


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