SNY to move into new Studios Starting Tomorrow

I don’t know why this is the first time I’m hearing about this, but this is news.

SNY will be moving out of their longtime home in Rockefeller Center to move into 4 World Trade Center, effective tomorrow, with GEICO SportsNite being the first show to air out of the new home.


According to Steve Raab, the president of SNY, this $50 million dollar facility will offer state of the art amenities for the broadcasters and fans watching in. The studio pictured, above, Studio 41 (named after the Franchise, Tom Seaver) is supposed to represent the inside of the Jackie Robinson Rotunda, and will be devoted to Mets news more or less. Studio 31 will also be named after a Met, Mike Piazza, but will host other shows, like SportsNite, in addition to baseball content.


There will also be a third set, Studio 42, for Breaking News and specialty reports with panoramic views of the East River.

Unlike the midtown studios however, the new SNY setup will not be on the ground level, so fans won’t be able to “go behind the set” like they are now. Steve Raab does say that this isn’t even a flaw, and that it will be a considerable improvement over the old setup. “As we began to look at prospective new locations, the downtown area and 4 World Trade Center topped our list,” “We immediately felt the neighborhood’s vibrancy, envisioned the space’s potential and, after careful planning and execution over the past year, we are thrilled with the final results. We look forward to tomorrow night’s first broadcast and the start of an exciting new chapter at SNY.”

One other interesting fact is that the old SNY studios seem to be converting into MSNBC/CNBC studios, as some of the daytime programing has already begun to switch over.


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