#MetsPlus360: Day 2 in Spring Training

I spent two days down in Spring Training last weekend, and, like it always is, it was a thrilling time.

There is no other time one can pay $15 and sit five feet from the Mets bullpen, dugout or home plate.

As I arrived into the ballpark, got my tickets, I was again waived through the “special” lane which has no metal detectors, which again, makes me wonder why there are these security procedures in place at all. It makes it no sense to install a security system only to waive 25% of the fans through the reduced-security lane.

I arrived earlier this time, so I had a chance to check out the team store, and, well, there was some interesting things in there…

We had seats in section 201, which is a great seat on a warm day, as it is in the shade and has a nice breeze.

Like the previous day, we didn’t come to Tradition Field to sit in our seats the entire day, so we moved around. The first thing we did is play the “prize wheel” located behind the Tiki Bar.

During the regular season, I frequently win magnetic schedules leftover from Opening Day. However, I miraculously won the “Grand Prize” which is two Postseason caps, which was pretty awesome.


We then got lunch, which, once again was Sonny’s BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich (I did look around the stadium, but nothing else looked as appetizing…)  which we enjoyed out on the left field picnic tables, also out by the Tiki Bar.


It was nice to sit there, but, as anyone who was spent time there knows, the view of the game is not perfect from the picnic tables and is slightly mis-aligned, and I was hoping to soak in some of the florida sun, so I did the un-orthodox thing and decided to sit right in front of the Astros bullpen. Completely un-conventional, yes, but gave me a unique perspective.


(That’s Michael Feliz, not Neftali, in the picture)

Other than that the game was relatively quiet. Tom Gorzelany blew the save in the ninth inning, but the fans seemed contempt and excited about the 2017 New York Mets.

My stay in Port St. Lucie was short but I definitely felt the excitement that is surrounding this 2017 team. At the end of the day, making the postseason is paramount and is what is most important, but if the pieces click, this team is capable of so much more.



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