#MetsPlus360: Day 1 in Spring Training

This Morning, I arrived in Port St.Lucie in time to attend the Tigers v. Mets exhibition game.

We flew into Palm Beach International Airport, and we took a rental car up to Port St.Lucie, and saw the Spring Training home of the Mets for the first time in 2017.

The first thing I noticed was a lot of temporary signage for First Data Field, which made sense, considering they changed the name from Tradition Field just a few days ago.


Parking was slightly more expensive than last year, not that it really matters, but $10 does seem somewhat hefty, especially when there is a considerable amount of elderly folks in attendance, and there is no public transit option.

I picked up the tickets at the Will Call windows, and was promptly directed to the First Base side gate.


The security set-up is fairly similar to what you see at Citi Field. There is a “Special Services” line on the left, and a metal detector express lane on the right. One of the guys that was helping continue the flow of traffic directed me and 10 others to the “Special Services” lane, and we weren’t even checked, so I’m pretty sure people are right when they say this whole thing is “Security Theater”.

Once inside, I went to my seat, in Section 203, in the last row, X. The breeze from the row was absolutely amazing, and I thoroughly believe this is one of the better seats at Tradition First Data Field.


The strikethrough of the word Tradition does bring up an interesting point, however. Despite the temporary signage found throughout the stadium, there is plenty of Tradition signage that remains in the ballpark.

Even the tickets, which indicate that the game is played at First Data Field, has the Tradition Field logo directly behind it, which I’d bet will be some of the last vestiges of the old name, as the team probably printed out a lot of cardstock tickets prior to the season.

The game was pretty enjoyable, but in the fifth inning, I was getting slightly hungry, so I tried out Sonny’s BBQ, a place where you can get a pretty tasty Pulled Pork Sandwich. I’m un-sure if this was here last year, but I can easily call this the best grub in the ballpark, which isn’t known for it’s culinary options.


I spent the sixth inning walking around the ballpark, and made my way to the berm for the last few innings of play. Like a lot of other fans, during the last few innings, I cared a little more about soaking up the sun as opposed to closely watching #89 and #93.

Overall, this was a great day at Port St.Lucie. Hopefully tomorrow will have a lot of other exciting and memorable moments.



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