First Data is the new Tradition

One of the better bloggers on the Mets blogosphere is Shannon Shark from Whenever news like this breaks, Shannon always writes a humorous post along the lines of “Bloggers write obligatory post about something everybody knows”.

However, I do think it’s important to document and write about this, as I do have some thoughts on this.


According to a Press Release, Tradition Field is no more. Instead of giving the naming rights to Tradition Florida (a small commercial town near St.Lucie) they entered a ten year “strategic” partnership with First Data, a company based in Atlanta, Georgia focusing on payment technology.

I don’t mind the name First Data, but like a lot of people have been saying, Tradition Field just sounded considerably better. This is the fourth name of the ballpark in St.Lucie. To start, the stadium was named after developer Thomas J. White, before switching to Tradition Field in 2004. In 2010, the park was renamed Digital Domain Park, before reverting back to Tradition two years later due to issues with the financials. Now, in 2017, the park has been officially renamed “First Data Field”.

To be completely honest, I’m not going to care much about this after a week or two, and, judging by the 77% of the 1,300+ fans that voted on a Twitter Poll from Orange & Blue Thing, I think it’s safe to say most Mets fans don’t care that much either.



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