The 7 Line Army inserted into MLB The Show 17

This is pretty cool news!

As someone who used to play MLB The Show a lot, I was always annoyed by the lack of real life elements, with generic signage, regular stadium music, and fans that were automatically triggered to stand up.

All in all, MLB The Show isn’t the most real life experience out there, but year by year, they become closer to that alternate reality. This year, in what has been a long awaited move, The 7 Line Army will be present in the Big Apple Reserve during Citi Field games. I’m curious how the will be able to program the army to appear during certain games, or if they will be present during every game played at Citi Field.

While they probably won’t be programed to wave towels or use thundersticks, this will make the game considerably more enjoyable for all involved. A huge tip of the cap to whoever made this change at San Diego Studios. Now we just need a few posters, a K tracker, and the sign-man…..


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