Mets will offer a new Live Streaming Service through SNY


A few weeks ago, NBC announced a deal to live stream games for their Comcast affiliates. This was met with much praise, as MLB.TV (the general video streaming service of Major League Baseball) only works for your favorite team if you are out of the local area. In simpler terms, you are subjected to local blackout through MLB.TV.

However, a few weeks ago, when I heard about the NBC streaming service, I was curious if the Mets were going to be included in this package, considering NBC owns a small stake in SNY.

Turns out the answer was no at the time, but today, that changes.

According to SNY, If you are an SNY subscriber via a participating video provider, and you reside in an area where you are able to view Mets games on the channel, you will be able to access Mets content made available through SNY’s “TV Everywhere” service after going through an authentication process.

This will no-doubt increase viewership and create a better gameday experience. After all, not everybody is at home during game hours.


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