Queens Baseball Convention 2017 Recap

In 2015, I made a recap post for the 2015 Queens Baseball Convention, which was held two years ago in McFadden’s Citi Field.

Two years later, I’m writing another review for what may be my last (for good reason) Queens Baseball Convention for a few years, more on the reason later.

Unfortunately, I was fairly late to this Queens Baseball Convention, due to my volunteer work during Saturday mornings. Because of this, I arrived at 2pm, just when the Uni Watch Panel (my favorite panel) began. Paul Lukas and Phil Hecken from Uni Watch were present, in addition to Russ Gompers of Stitches, Todd Radom and more.


Like usual, they discussed the uniform changes for 2017, the state of Mets uniforms, gave us some neat historical facts, and even got the crowd involved with a Q&A.

As far as Mets players, there were three. Tim Teufel was on a panel with Michael Baron of MLB, Bobby Valentine was on a panel with MetsBlog founder Matthew Cerrone, and Art Shamsky promoting his new book.

Mr.Shamsky, who I interviewed a few years ago, was very gracious and happy to take a photo with me.


Aside from the panels, there were many other distractions, like meeting people from Twitter in real life (which is always a strange experience) and seeing the smaller crafty merchandise stands around the QBC.

The venue itself, “Katch” which is located in Astoria, was a little small compared to McFadden’s was, but it was good for what it was worth and the “main room” allowed for more people to watch the panels, compared to McFadden’s, where the panels were beyond seating capacity.


All in all, I really enjoyed the Queens Baseball Convention. Unfortunately, this might be one of my last QBC’s for a few years. The reasoning behind this is as I’m narrowing my college search as a senior in high school, I’m becoming increasingly interested in schools in Toronto, Ontario, which would mean I wouldn’t be able make future QBC’s for a few years.

Of course, I’m not committed to Toronto, but I’m becoming increasingly interested. I’ll be sure to write a personal post on that when I know more.





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