QBC 17 Preview


Tomorrow’s the big day Mets fans!

The 2017 Queens Baseball Convention, taking place from 12pm to 6, in “Katch” a restaurant in Astoria, New York.

For those not in the know, tickets are still available, provided you are reading this prior to the afternoon of Saturday, January 28th. Currently, there is a “no-frills” ticket available for $40. Additionally, there are more combo tickets available, like the $55 dollar ticket that comes with two autographs and a commemorative QBC pin.

Also, for those that use public transit, Katch is fairly accessible, the (N) train (no (W) trains, which doesn’t run on weekends) stops at the nearby 30th Avenue Station, and there are lots all around. For those used to taking the (7) train to Mets-Willets, you can take the (7) to Queensboro Plaza, and transfer to the (N) across the platform. There are a lot of weekend service changes, so I recommend clicking here to see if your line is affected.

The QBC is supposed to be a “Fan Fest meets ComicCon”, and, as you see from the lineup below, there are a lot of cool panels.


I won’t be arriving until 2pm, but when I do arrive, I’ll be looking forward towards the Uniform Discussion, The State of the Mets and the closing awards ceremony.

The QBC is extremely fan friendly, and there are fun giveaways, prizes, memorabilia for purchase and entertainment, like the Cyclones mascots.

Food and Drinks should be available like they were in previous years, but I never actually heard anything definitive about that.

If you see me, be sure to say hello. I’ll be wearing the new home alternate cap and a blue uniform with “MetsPlus.com” on the back. See everyone there!



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