Is there a problem with the Mets Mailing List, or is it me?

I really enjoy mailing lists. It’s the best way to get instant reminders for things that I’m interested in, like The 7 Line, The Points Guy, Ebay, exc.

However, the Mets Mailing List is probably one of the most important, considering great ticket deals are announced there at the last moment throughout the year. Unfortunately, the Mets seem to be confused about the frequency of what they send me.

Sometimes, I get two emails:


And then, when the Mets send out actual mail via courier, I get three or four:


Now, in fairness, I should be getting two letters in physical mail, as my home address is linked to both my personal and WordPress email, but that doesn’t explain why I get three emails to one account.

Initially, I thought it was a one or two time error, but when it started happening on a weekly basis, I started to contemplate if I was on the mailing list more than once, but that wasn’t the case.

While this might sound like an annoying problem, (or a non-issue, as it does only take 3 seconds to delete the email) I kind of like trying to figure out what exactly is going on with this, and playing “detective”. Hopefully I’ll figure out what the problem is….


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