January 9th, 2017

Will the 2016-2017 offseason go down as the most boring offseason ever?


I’m not sure when the above picture was taken, but I really like it, and I’ve waited a long time to use it, and today seems like the best time to use it….

Anyway, my friend just told me that Saturday was the “official” halfway point from the World Series to the first Spring Training game (even though it feels like Spring Training is coming up really soon). And, it got me to thinking that so far, this offseason has been extremely boring.

Like, really boring.

So boring that if someone asked me what happened this offseason, or what the “big splash” signing was, I’d draw a blank, and Jose Bautista is seemingly the last major un-signed free agent.

For the Mets, the only players we’ve signed that weren’t in the organization last year that have played in at least one Major League game are Ben Rowen and Cory Burns, both of which have just had extremely brief stints, and aren’t expected to have a major role.

What’s weird is the Mets aren’t really looking for anything in particular. They’d like to re-sign Jerry Blevins or a similar left handed reliever, but besides that there really isn’t much out there that the Mets are looking for.

Hopefully Spring Training will be exciting, there should be some interesting battles for infield and outfield positions, and the World Baseball Classic will be happening, which should be fun.