Las Vegas 51s unveil Anniversary Logo


Just thought I’d share this, because, well, I really like this design.

It’s interesting how strong the relationship between Mets and the 51s is, considering the Mets don’t want to be there (due to distance and field conditions), and Las Vegas knows that, however, this logo, while it does say Vegas, with the “Welcome Sign” stars and neons, is completely Blue and Orange, and Orange is not at all a 51s color or a Las Vegas color. I’m not an expert on principles of design, but the fact that “Las Vegas” is in Mets orange shows their commitment to each other.

Additionally, there are a lot of interesting nods to the 51s past, most notably the stars to the left and to the right of “Las Vegas”, as the previous name for the Las Vegas franchise was the Las Vegas Stars.

Overall, this is a great logo, and I’m excited to see how the 51s will feature the logo in their upcoming 2017 campaign.


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