Month: January 2017

Queens Baseball Convention 2017 Recap

In 2015, I made a recap post for the 2015 Queens Baseball Convention, which was held two years ago in McFadden’s Citi Field. Two years later, I’m writing another review for what may be my last (for good reason) Queens Baseball Convention for a few years, more on the reason later.

QBC 17 Preview

Tomorrow’s the big day Mets fans! The 2017 Queens Baseball Convention, taking place from 12pm to 6, in “Katch” a restaurant in Astoria, New York. For those not in the know, tickets are still available, provided you are reading this prior to the afternoon of Saturday, January 28th. Currently, there

Some clarification on the Batting Practice uniform…..

A few days ago, I was doing some shopping on the Mets team shop, and, hidden in the youth section was a cap that was labeled as “on-field authentic”. A few tweets with Mr.Michael Baron later, and we knew for sure that it was going to be replacing the orange

Mets release new Alternate Cap

Pretty good looking, huh? I noticed this on the MLB shop today while looking at the new caps with the newly added “New Era Flag”, and this particular cap caught me off guard, as according to the MLB Shop, this cap is “Official On-Field Alternate”. Further confirmation from’s Michael Baron Mets September/October 2016 Uniform Recap

Here’s the final Uniform Lineup for 2016. The months of September and October will be combined for this one. Here is a breakdown of the Mets Sept/Oct Uniforms: Home White Pinstripes: 9 games out of 12. (5-4 record) Paired with Primary cap. Blue Home Alternate: 0 game out of 12.

My Mets Spring Training Plans

In my seventeen year life, I’ve gone to Spring Training three times, in 2013, 2014 and 2016. This year, I’m going during the first week of Spring Training, more specifically to the February 26th game versus the Tigers, and the February 27th game versus the Astros. The first thing I

Is there a problem with the Mets Mailing List, or is it me?

I really enjoy mailing lists. It’s the best way to get instant reminders for things that I’m interested in, like The 7 Line, The Points Guy, Ebay, exc. However, the Mets Mailing List is probably one of the most important, considering great ticket deals are announced there at the last

Mejia signs a deal worth $2 Million, but there is a caveat….

Two years ago, Jenrry Mejia was the Mets closer, today, he gets the ultimate tease. Through salary arbitration, Mejia and the Mets “agreed” to a one-year deal for $1.9 million. Unfortunately for Mejia, he will receive none of that, as he’s currently enduring a lifetime ban from Major League Baseball.

Will the 2016-2017 offseason go down as the most boring offseason ever?

I’m not sure when the above picture was taken, but I really like it, and I’ve waited a long time to use it, and today seems like the best time to use it…. Anyway, my friend just told me that Saturday was the “official” halfway point from the World Series

Las Vegas 51s unveil Anniversary Logo

Just thought I’d share this, because, well, I really like this design. It’s interesting how strong the relationship between Mets and the 51s is, considering the Mets don’t want to be there (due to distance and field conditions), and Las Vegas knows that, however, this logo, while it does say

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