Merry Christmas and Many More….


Today is Christmas Eve Eve Eve, which, according to my calculations, is basically a holiday, right?

If it makes anyone feel any better, my Christmas shopping is still very incomplete, and while the Holidays are supposed to be a time full of relaxation and peace, I’m completing college application after college application and I have little to no time to blog about Baseball.

Lucky for me, if I did have time to blog about baseball, I’d basically be twiddling my thumbs, as the offseason is in a very dormant stage, which is always expected during this time of year, and could continue until New Year’s.

So, while I do personal preparations for my future, I wanted to take a second to thank everyone once again who was reading this. 2016 was a huge step in the right direction for my blog, I was able to share with you some amazing moments, and I expect to continue blogging about my passions for many years to come.

So, Merry Christmas, New Year’s, whatever it is that you celebrate, I wish you the best.


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