Our affiliation with MLB.com is coming to a close…..


In 2013, two of my closest friends and I started the Pepper MLB Blog, a blog on “Blogger”, which took us less than two minutes to set up. Four years later, two hours of work is put into MetsPlus each day to make it as successful as it is today, and that is all thanks to an invitation to join the MLB.com Blogs Network back in 2014.

I don’t want to sound irritatingly grand about the state of MetsPlus, but, thanks to MLB.com, MetsPlus has risen to over one thousand daily page views and several hundreds of thousands of views per year. Additionally, MetsPlus has visited several Minor League Teams with Press Credentials, attended Two Winter Meetings, and have met people I’ve always dreamed of meeting, and one thing is for sure: That does not happen without the work and help of MLB.com and their invitation.

To set the record straight, though, the decision to detach my blog from the MLB.com family was two-pronged. One one hand, I’ve had the plan to expand since last offseason. During that post, I explained how I wanted to expand MetsPlus, and incorporate more “Plus”, which I did this year with #ThePlusInMetsPlus. However, I also said that I was going to take a two to three week hiatus to renovate the blog following the postseason, but that never happened, as I wanted to stay on MLB.com through the Winter Meetings.

The other part of the story is that MLB.com Blogs is also starting a new chapter with Medium, as opposed to WordPress, which MetsPlus is on currently.

While I could switch to Medium, I really don’t want to leave WordPress during a time when I have so much going on outside of the blog. I’m a senior in high school, and I’m currently applying to colleges, combined with regular school, and family visiting New York from out of town, exc. By and large, I don’t have a lot of free time, and it would have been impossible for me to learn a new platform and post regularly, so I decided to stick with  Wordpress.

I’ll be posting for a few more days, but I don’t expect to post at all from Christmas Eve until the week after New Years, when I will officially re-launch the blog.

My last official day with MLB.com will be on December 21st, and as I reflect on the last three years with them, I’d like to formally thank everyone at MLB once again for helping me establish my blog.

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