Mets Free Shirt Friday Designs for 2017


A few days ago, the Mets revealed their Free Shirt Friday designs for 2017, and I can honestly say that in the four years that the Mets have done this Free Shirt Friday promotion, this is the best year as far as designs (despite the lack of Orange).

There are two non-traditional giveaways, with the April 7th Long Sleeve Shirt and the August 4th Replica Jersey.

Additionally, there are some designs that I’d buy if they were a regular shirt that I saw in the team store, like the July 21 Let’s Go Mets, the August 18th Mets insignia shirt, and the September 8th design.

As is always the case with these Free Shirts, there are some designs that make me shake my head, like the Jose Reyes Shirt in April (what does that say?) and the July 14th Mets “Skyline” shirt with three buildings that hardly resemble a Mets design.

All shirts can be acquired by attending the corresponding Mets Friday home game. Tickets can be purchased at


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