Top 5 Winter Meetings Moments & Thank You!

I’m now home in New York, and I’ve completed my Winter Meetings journey, however, it was a trip that I will take a lot from, and it wouldn’t be possible without everyone’s readership, and the interest in the content that I produce.

Thank you for reading this last week, and for my final Winter Meetings related post until next year, I’d like to share my top 5 moments of the Winter Meetings.

#5 – The Random Interactions with Media Members: 

One of the most interesting aspects of the Winter Meetings has to be the fact that you can’t walk five feet down the hallway of the lobby without running into someone you would see on a major TV Network, like Greg Amsinger from MLB Network, or Buster Olney from ESPN.

One of those random interactions was with Steve Gelbs, the Mets on-field reporter who was very welcoming and friendly to me:


#4 – Accidentally making your way into MLB Network

Accidentally is certainly the operative word here. You really can’t walk any where that doesn’t have a camera in your face, especially at this hotel, which only has one lobby, compared to two or three like we saw last year at the Gaylord Opryland. So, there are times in the day when you find yourself on a TV Broadcast.


Sorry Mad Dog…

#3 – Having Conversations with people I wouldn’t otherwise interact with:

The review of the PBEO Job Fair was probably one of my favorite posts I wrote during the Winter Meetings, just because I got to interact with college graduates looking to get into the game of Baseball. Some of these kids were really nervous, and some of them were really experienced, and hearing their opinions on an event that could determine their future was really remarkable. Additionally, the post I wrote on Mr.Rochford was one of the most surprising for me, as it showed me just how devoted people are to the game of baseball.


#2 – Brian Kenny’s Book Signing:

For those that don’t know, Brian Kenny is basically the modern Bill James. He is the current host of MLB Now, formally of Clubhouse Confidential, and is very astute with advanced statistics, or sabermetrics. I was very happy to pick up a copy of his book, Ahead of The Curve, which led to a fun chat about baseball and the MLB Network.


#1 – The Baseball Trade Show: 

There is really no doubt about this one in my mind. I’ve always been un-sure what the Trade Show and the Job Fair was until this week, and now I have a first-hand experience on both. For those that haven’t read the review yet, I highly recommend doing so by clicking here. I hope to return to the Trade Show if I have the opportunity to do so in 2017.


Thanks again for following my coverage of the un-official halfway point of the Baseball offseason. I look forward to the festive Christmas & Holiday season, and I’d like to wish you and yours the best. 

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