#MetsPlus360: Winter Meetings (Day Two)

Day Two of the Major League Baseball’s Winter Meetings is closing up, and it was probably the best day I’ve had in the last two years of being at the Meetings.

I started the day with an “express” breakfast at The Cocoa Bean, which is basically Starbucks with a different name and increased prices.


After my hot tea and croissant, I proceeded to check the pulse of the atrium, and immediately noticed that there were several guys and girls with credentials titled “job seeker”. I knew what they were here for, the PBEO Job Fair, but I knew next to nothing about what happens at said Job Fair, and I wanted to find out more.

So, I decided to ask some of these attendees about their nerves, hopes and thoughts on the Job Fair, and decided to write a separate post about it here.

After that, I decided to get out of the Gaylord and look around National Harbor, which is actually really beautiful. The Capital Wheel, which is shown every two minutes on MLB Network, is the crown jewel of the Harbor. However, I quickly received word of something going on in the hotel, so after a quick soup, we returned to the Gaylord, only to figure out that nothing was going on after all. Instead, these two, huge (and important) guys were following me around the Gaylord. Here is a picture of them, they might look familiar:

I then checked out the situation at the MLB Trade Show, which I will be looking at tomorrow, but I had to do some checking-in of sorts. I did take a picture of myself in front of one the signs, and I’ll be sure to share my experiences tomorrow.


During the entire day, like yesterday, I walked back and forth throughout the tv sets where networks like MLB Network set-up. I watched some of my favorite shows do live tapings throughout the day, although I couldn’t speak to any of the hosts as they were roped off.

After a busy day at the meetings, my family took me to a nice dinner for St.Nicholas Day, which is tomorrow, at the “Old Hickory Steakhouse”.  I enjoyed a Flat Iron Steak, that was very dry, but once again, I’m a baseball blogger, not a food critic.


Tomorrow is my last full day at the Meetings and I have three posts lined up for another action-packed day.


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