2016 Winter Meetings Preview


Today is December 4th 2016, lockout fears are behind us, the Mets are in good shape, and the Winter Meetings have officially begun.

As of the writing of this post, I’m in Newark, New Jersey, on Amtrak train 155 enroute to Union Station from where I’ll be traveling via taxi to the Gaylord National Hotel & Resort. This is my second year attending, and, as a Marriott Platinum member, I love how MLB seems to always pick a Marriott brand hotel for the Winter Meetings.

Now, everyone is going to the Winter Meetings for a different reason it seems, and I would like to clarify what I’m going to be doing at the Meetings:

I will be going to the Winter Meetings to cover the venue, the atmosphere and the scene. I will not (at least I believe) be breaking a story on a big signing. I will be doing some interviews, some videos, and will be attending some marquee events like the Trade Show.

This should be an exciting three days, so be sure to tweet me with any questions you may have @NikoMetsPlus or use the #WinterMeetings and I’ll be sure to reply promptly.



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