All you need to know about the Queens Baseball Convention


The 2017 Queens Baseball Convention is fast approaching, and now, as we enter the Christmas/Holiday season, tickets are officially on-sale!

What is the Queens Baseball Convention, however? Well, it’s kind of like a Fan Fest, but it’s not an official Fan Fest, as it’s run by passionate fans, which in my experience only makes it better.

The event is being hosed at “Katch Brewery” (cool name huh?) on January 28th, which is located in Astoria, Queens, where I was born. For those un-familiar, it is about one block away from the 30th/Grand Avenue stop on BMT Astoria Line, where the (N) train stops on weekends. Transfers can be made from the (7) train at Queensboro Plaza four stations to the south.

In the past, Mookie Wilson, Wally Backman, Ron Darling and many others have attended. I wrote a review of the 2015 Queens Baseball Convention, which I enjoyed immensely. You can read that review here.


Getting Wally Backman’s Signature at QBC 15

Tickets aren’t really “cheap” per se, but they are worth the price. Every ticket includes one autograph (Tim Teufel and Bobby Valentine will be there) at the price-point of $35.00. There are some add-ons which can make the ticket more lucrative, like a collector’s pin, a  World Series baseball, a Baseball Card exc.

The tickets can be purchased through the EventBrite portal, which in my experience is very secure, and accepts most major credit/debit card providers. While I assume most people prefer the electronic ticket that can be purchased through the booking portal, there will be limited tickets available for purchase in person if there are any un-sold e-tickets.

Again, the QBC is worth the price of admission and then some, and it’s a great way of seeing the people you interact with on Twitter in person. It’s also nice to see the QBC being hosted in a different venue. The first two years, the event was hosted at Citi Field’s McFadden’s Restaurant, and it was canceled due to the blizzard that we had in January of this year. It’s also a great way of getting to meet new fans, and there is fun for people of all ages. In 2015, the Cyclones mascots were entertaining the younger kids, and there were  plenty of neat retro items that were available for the nostalgic Mets fans.

Tickets can be purchase by clicking this link here, and if you need any more convincing, tweet me @NikoMetsPlus or email me

Please Note: I was not paid in any way to promote the QBC, I’m just a person who enjoyed the last QBC and wants to spread the word. Additionally, if you have any questions for the guys running the show or have a question that is above my knowledge, I recommend tweeting @Mediagoon, @QBConvention, or visiting 



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