Cespedes Signs a Four Year Deal worth $110 Million, and Everyone Loves It


I spend a good amount of time on my Twitter feed, listening to other Mets fans, bloggers and beat writers talk about the pressing issues. This last month, for example, “Mets Twitter” has been very vocal about The 7 Line Uniform Vote, the loss of Colon, and re-signing Cespedes, and trust me, there are fans out there that tweeted something related to the Mets signing Cespsedes every two hours since he opted-out a month ago.

Before we get into the specifics of the deal, here are some of my favorite tweets after the news broke:

As far as the specifics of the deal, Cespedes has a full no trade clause, and it’s a four year deal with no opt-outs for four seasons, so this truly means we are “all in” on the 2017 season, and we should be serious contenders for the next few years at least.

Cespedes was arguably the biggest bat available on the market, with the possible exception of Jose Bautista, and he will fill the role of “the big, scary, power bat” that most successful teams have, and there is a lot of depth not named Ty Kelly behind him if he gets an injury like he did last year.


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