2016 MLB Winter Meetings Preview


Next week, I will be attending the Major League Baseball Winter Meetings for the second consecutive year. Like last year, the venue will be a Gaylord Hotel & Resort, called the Gaylord National Harbor, which is a member of Marriott International. The meetings are being held from December 4th to December 7th in National Harbor, Maryland (around 20 minutes outside of downtown Washington D.C), and I will be present from the 4th to the 6th, and, baring a lockout, which is now a real possibility, thanks to a stall in the collective bargaining agreement discussions, there should be some interesting transactions.

For the Mets, the most interesting transaction should be acquiring the big, Cespedes-like, bat. However, I believe there are many other options out there other than Cesepedes that can fill that void should the Mets turn him and his baggage down. Edwin Encarnacion, Wilson Ramos, Mark Trumbo and former Mets Carlos Beltran, Jose Bautista and Justin Turner should all be on the Mets radar. Some of those names make more sense than others, though. Now that Neil Walker has re-signed with us, it makes no sense to sign a seventh infielder, so that effectively rules out Edwin and Turner.

Another thing I’m looking at is the Washington Nationals, as they are our primary threat. Even though the current team is extremely reminiscent of the team of 2016, I feel confident in our team without Cespedes. However, if the Nationals signed Cespedes, and we would have to face him 18 times during the season, I would then try to hurry up and sign a big bat to even things out. The Nationals always seem to make a big splash during the Winter Meetings, so I would closely monitor their progress if I was in the Mets front office.

The Winter Meetings starts this Sunday, December 4th, keep it posted on MetsPlus.com and @NikoMetsPlus on Twitter for updates live from National Harbor.


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