A Potential Lockout is Four Days Away….


As someone who was born it the late 1990s, I have zero memory of the 1994-1995 strike, but baring a late agreement between the MLB Players Association and the owners in the next four days, Major League Baseball will enter a lockout. The first lockout in over 20 years, and considering the topic that is holding up the agreement is the MLB Draft, something that has always been subject to massive controversy, there is a great chance this agreement is not completed by the December 1st deadline, and if that’s the case, there could be some major implications.

First off, the Winter Meetings could be cancelled, or, part of it at least. The MLB Trade Show, Job Fair and other Minor League banquets will probably continue on as planned, but I’d assume that most of the owners and team staff wouldn’t bother attending as there would be no transactions of any kind.

Secondly, we might see more un-signed players heading into Spring Training, especially if the lockout continues through New Year’s Day. This could be troublesome, as free agency always seems to slow down towards the end of the offseason.

Additionally, if an agreement can’t be reached during the winter, then the worst case scenario would occur, a delay in the MLB Season, or Spring Training. However, I personally believe that it’s way to early to possibly speculate about having an abbreviated schedule, as the strike hasn’t even begun yet, but it is a scary thought that could potentially happen.


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