Citi Field FallFest 2014 Review

I hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving weekend. Tomorrow is one week to the day from the start of the Winter Meetings, and before Fall leaves us, I wanted to share an old post from a few years ago. This articles shares my experience at the Citi Field Fall Fest, which was hosted by Metropolitan Hospitality, and they did a great job!

Mets Plus


The Inaugural Citi Field FallFest was held yesterday at the grand home of the Mets. The festivities took place in the outfield concourse by the Shea Bridge. While the event opened at 12pm, I got there at around 12:20. I first went to the Mets Food Drive, where I donated 10 non-perishable items and received a voucher for a future April game (awesome!). 2 other things happened at the Team Store, first I got my first real photo with Mr.Met. I’ve seen him walk down the aisles before, but when everyone asks him for photos, he just sticks his arm out as if saying “Your Awesome”, but then just continues down the aisle. I guess Mets PR, decided to do this because he’s on a strict schedule and is probably very busy. Anyway, here’s the photo:

Next, I purchased this awesome sweater, which combined with my long hair will make…

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