Bartolo Colon signs with the Braves. Now what?


You know that feeling when a guy is a free agent but you are certain that he is going to re-sign with the team, so you don’t even consider any other possibilities?

That’s what I felt with Bartolo Colon.

To be honest, I was un-inspired by the signing of Colon when we first signed him, but like most Mets fans, I began enjoying watching him pitch, and watching his personality.

So, I was kind of sad when I heard the news that he was heading to Atlanta on a one-year deal.

However, when I tweeted out that I was sad to see Colon go, I was met with criticism. Some said that it’s 7 million dollars that can now be invested somewhere else, and some said that it’s for the best, as he was holding up the younger talent.

While it’s crazy to suggest this, I’m worried that the seven (power) arms that we have, Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard, Steven Matz, Zack Wheeler, Robert Gsellman and Seth Lugo might not be enough, as we’ve seen injuries bight us one to many times the last few years.

Colon, in the three years he was with the Mets, never missed a start, and all of the guys above had some sort of an injury last year, and I’d feel much more comfortable if the Mets invested some money, doesn’t have to be a lot, to sign a Aaron Harrang-Carlos Torres type guy, just in case the injury bug comes back in 2017.


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