Reyes will be with Mets in 2017; team will pay Jose league minimum


According to CBS Sports, Mets intend to exercise infielder Jose Reyes’ contract, which will allow him to return to Queens in 2017. Reyes was productive in the time he spent with the Mets this year, as he batted 267 with 8 homeruns in the 60 games he played. Reyes also brought speed and energy to a deflated team, and despite the allegations that prevented him from playing with the Rockies in the beginning of the year, everyone seemed to enjoy his presence with the team.

One interesting thing that should be noted is that Reyes will be payed league minimum from the Mets, and will receive the final $20 million dollars from his mega deal dating back to 2012 from the Colorado Rockies, so, there is no harm in picking up Reyes’s contract.

This makes me feel much more comfortable about the infield as a whole. Duda, Cabrera and Reyes are three players that I believe we can count on to play over 140 games each if they stay healthy, and Wright could potentially play around 100 games if nothing acts up, with Flores playing the remainder of the games at third and filling in along the infield as the season progresses.

That’s not a bad infield at all, we just have to stay healthy, which is often times half the battle.


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