Should we pursue Cespedes if he opts-out of his contract this off season?


Photo courtesy of USA Today

It’s no secret Cespedes has been the Mets biggest threat at the plate. When he steps into the batters box, the looming threat of a 450 foot shot to the second deck in left field crosses the pitchers mind, and, frankly, that doesn’t happen with any other bat in the Mets lineup.

However, Cespedes’ time with the orange and blue may be up, as sources suggest that Cespedes is heavily considering opting out of his three year contract, and even told some players that “he won’t be back”, according to

Cespedes did not hit a homerun at home during the month of September at Citi Field, and, while he had a strong arm, was very lackadaisical on the field, and made some key errors. Cespedes also went 0-4 with two strikeouts in the NL Wild Card game.

Personally, while I do like Cespedes, I’ve never been fond of his personalities. In Spring Training, he brought seven different cars to Port St. Lucie, and a lot of the discussions around Cespedes, or “La Potencia” as he likes being called,  revolved around non-baseball topics, which I personally didn’t take much interest in, and he was a huge distraction to the entire team.

Cespedes is a great baseball player, and, he might be one of the most talented hitters to ever play for the Mets, but his traits and assets don’t seem to align with the Mets, and his attitude is problematic. I’d rather hold back on Cespedes, and re-invest that money in another area, however, this all contingent on him opting-out, which is something we will hear about five days after the conclusion of the World Series.


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