A Majestic Departure: Under Armour will become the new provider of MLB Uniforms starting in 2020

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 5.34.22 PM.png

Say goodbye to that little “M” below the Mets patch….. in 2020.

Under Armour will be providing the Outer Armour starting in three years in conjunction with Fanatics Authentics, the company that took over the MLB.com Shop.

According to Sports Business Daily, the guys that broke the article earlier today,  “starting in the spring of ’20, all jerseys would feature UA branding, while Fanatics will gain broad apparel rights across MLB, with an exception being headwear that will remain with New Era.”

Instant Reaction:

  1. While it’ll be sad to see Majestic go, I’m optimistic about Under Armour and their contract. Under Armour has a good track record, and they are based in Baltimore. Lately, I’ve been quite disappointed to see the “diaper” uniform, problems with pinstripe uniforms.
  2. Nike and their undershirts are out, which could be good, especially if Under Armour doesn’t put their logo front and center like Nike did.
  3. It’s great to see that New Era will not be going anywhere. While I’ve been upset with their little flag the last few weeks, the quality of New Era caps are truly top notch, and I’m not a fan of Under Armours caps.
  4. I’m slightly worried for Majestic and their employees, because the MLB deal is their only major deal, and while I’m excited for the future, I’ve always enjoyed Majestic, who has had the MLB deal since 2005.



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