Terry Collins could resign after the 2017 season


Terry Collins has been the manager since the walls at Citi Field were black, Willie Harris was playing Third Base, and Ryota Igarashi was in the Mets bullpen. Many people have called for Collins’ resignation, and reports were that Collins was going to be on the chopping block had the Mets lost the series against the Padres this past August.

Now, however, according to Adam Rubin of ESPN New York, Collins could be stepping down from the management position as soon as the end of 2017. “I just need to re-evaluate at the end of this coming year what’s going on, where I am, how I’m feeling,” said Collins, who stated that the 2016 season was exceptionally tough on him. Asked by Rubin if the next season would be his last as a manager if he felt the same toll in October 2017 as he does in October 2016, Collins indicated that was a valid argument.

Overall, I’d be sad to see Collins go, but it’s no secret that the Collins chapter in Mets Baseball is ending and ending rapidly. While Collins is very likable and no player has anything bad to say about him, he made some questionable decisions down the stretch run that could have prevented us from making the Wild Card game. There was a one week stretch where fans had something bad to say about Terry every single day, and while no fan-manager relationship is going to be completely sound, the cry for Collins to be fired was a little too loud this past year.


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