The 2016 Mets Clinch a Wild Card Berth!


I did not see that coming.

This is so surreal.

This injured group wearing Mets uniforms is going to the Postseason!

This is great news, and, frankly this team faced a lot of adversity and really deserved this postseason berth.

Are they as good as last year’s team? No, no they are not, they are far worse, but they have a lot of emotion, they are a good, humble group, and I’m very happy that they are going to the Postseason.

Today’s win guarantees that the Mets are going to be playing a game at Citi Field, and it’ll be the National League Wild Card game, which will be this Wednesday, October 5th, versus either the St.Louis Cardinals, or the San Fransisco Giants.

Congratulations to the New York Mets!


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