September 2016

Jacob deGrom will NOT pitch tommorow

National League Championship Series - New York Mets v. Chicago Cubs - Game Three

Or any time soon for that matter:

I’m a huge Jacob deGrom fan, and this news is really depressing. I was hoping that deGrom was going to be able to combat the soreness that he was been battling since mid-August, and even blogged about it this morning.

However, on a relatively nice Saturday afternoon, Sandy Alderson revealed that “Jake just had issues with ulnar nerve in his right elbow, not unusual following Tommy John surgery,”  “He threw BP yesterday, felt great, shagged in outfield, threw ball and had some pain. Unlikely to pitch tomorrow and the rest of season. We will see. It’s likely to require surgical repair, not significant procedure, as far as risk going forward.”

The procedure, called  “Ulnar Nerve Surgery”, is already scaring fans, as it sounds like a surgery similar to Tommy John, which could keep deGrom out until the 2018 season, however, Adam Rubin, a staff writer for ESPN, and ESPN’s Mets Beat Writer, explains that it is a considerably lighter surgery:

Doctors move the nerve and you no longer have that “funny bone” feeling behind the pitching elbow. The issue is caused because the nerve pops out of the track it sits in and causes irritation. – Adam Rubin

Rubin also revealed that deGrom should be ready for Spring Training.

Jacob deGrom will pitch tomorrow


Jacob will try to do something Sunday he hasn’t been able to do since August 13th: Have an acceptable start.

Acceptable is very vague, but in my eyes, 5 innings pitched with three or less runs is an “acceptable” start.

Unfortunately, deGrom has really struggled in the last month. He’s lost velocity, had high pitch counts, skipped starts, had soreness, and overall does not seem comfortable the deGrom we know.

Now, with three starts off, Jacob is going to re-enter the rotation, facing the worst team in Major League Baseball, the Twins.

If deGrom has another poor start, I’m not really sure where to go with him. Jacob has always been able to re-bound when he has a bad stretch like this, and he seems to have one every year, but there is no doubt that this has been a prolonged bad stretch, and I’m hoping that this Sunday is the start of a good stretch that leads into the postseason.

Introducing a major MLB award – for YOU

This is a very interesting award that I’ve been contemplating about since I found out about it. The only person I actually know is Vernon Gibson, a Mets fan that hangs out in the Shea Bridge, and takes the first express train to Manhattan after the games. On the other hand, everyone I’ve talked too wants me to vote for MJ Lupton, so I’m kind of torn. Who are you voting for? Blogs Central

MLB Fans of the Year presented by Esurance

Major League Baseball has just introduced a major new award, and this one’s for you. In fact, there’s even at least one father-son duo from this family among the 120 nominees.

See my story just posted at introducing MLB Fans of the Year presented by Esurance.

You can start voting right now at Take a good look at the 120 nominees — four per club. Each team will have a winner. You probably will recognize many of them, and I know many bloggers here will be familiar with Baker Boys & Baseball, one of the Angels nominees.

MLB and the 30 clubs worked tirelessly to identify the sport’s top supporters, and four nominees per club have been presented for your vote.

Winners whose clubs reach the League Championship Series or Fall Classic will receive tickets to root for their home team on a late-October night. For…

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Wally Backman resigns from Triple-A Las Vegas


I’ve actively rooted hard for five people in the Mets organization since I became a fan in 2006: R.A Dickey, for being a great family guy trying to figure out a lifelong mission. Daniel Murphy, for being one of my favorite players that I wanted to see play day in and day out. David Wright, for being the last renaming guy from my younger childhood (until Reyes came along), Jacob deGrom, for being a guy that has similar hair to me, and for being a nice down to earth guy. And finally, Wally Backman, for being a guy I’ve wanted to see manage the team since I saw him carry the Brooklyn Cyclones to the NYPL Finals back in 2010.

However, any chances of seeing Wally Backman actually manage the Amazin’s has officially dropped to 0% overnight, as Backman, “resigned” from the organization, after a dispute with Sandy Alderson.

While there are no “teams”, and we know little to nothing about what actually happened, I stand behind Wally. I interviewed Wally back in 2015, after a huge win over Sacramento, and I could see his dedication to his craft, and I saw in person the relationships he had with players, and how much he helped the Mets farm system over the years.

If you asked me what happened, I think Matthew Cerrone of summed it up perfectly:

“I bet Backman was hoping to get added to the big-league bench when his season ended in Las Vegas. And when he didn’t get the call, he complained, and that was the last straw for Alderson” 

This is just another mistake the Mets front office has made over the years. While I don’t think letting Backman go will be as big of a mistake as not re-signing Murphy was, it might come awfully close, we shall see.

500,000 THOUSAND All-Time Views, Thank You!

Since 2014, I have been blogging here on the Blogs page. I wanted MetsPlus, or, Pepper Mets Blog at the time, to be something I do whenever I have the time to blog, and to be something fun that I can share with my family and friends, and to be able to look back at it when I’m older. Now, as we surpass half a million all-time individual viewers, I want to personally say thank you for making this blog something I never thought it would ever come close to becoming.


Even if you’ve only read once, twice, or are a frequent reader, you’ve been one of those 500,000 viewers that have clicked on one of my posts, something I still can’t wrap my head around. There have been a lot of people that have helped me get to the place that I am at today, even through small replies on Twitter and stuff like that, but I would like to publicly acknowledge & thank them now for the assistance over the years.

Branden Wellington – For being the first Mets interview I’ve ever conducted, and being so nice throughout the process.

John Thorne – For giving me guiding advice through MLBlogs as Major League Baseball’s lead historian.

Matthew Cerrone- For always being one email away, and answering any question I had, no matter how many there were.

Joe D. from MetsMerized – For answering my emails whenever I had a question, mentoring my progress, and allowing me to occasionally post links to my blog posts on his comments section when my blog was considerably younger and un-heard of.

Michael Baron – For answering my questions on Social Media whenever I asked them.

The Guys from the “Maximus & da Bartender Show” – My blog viewership numbers always rose dramatically whenever I was on the show, and the chemistry between the two has always been great.

Matt Nadel and Matt Eisner – For being other kid bloggers I could reach out to at a moments notice.

Shannon Shark and Keith Blacknick from – For re-tweeting whatever nonsense I wanted to complain about during my gameday experience.

Pablo, Borja and Ben – For being a part of the original blog, which lead to one thing which lead to another, which was Mets Plus

Darren from The7Line – I’m a fond believer in being able to write when you have momentum, and I definitely believe in writer’s block, and having a nice comfortable t-shirt on with a great Mets design has given me plenty of motivation.

Jim Gemma, Billy Harner, Michael Polak, Paul Herrmann, Jim Weed, Kevin Fitzgerald – And anyone else who was nice enough to provide me with a press credential to any MiLB or MLB event.

And of course, Family and Friends – Who will remain anonymous, but will receive great credit and a big thank you in person.


I know that 500,000 might sound like a lot to some, or chump change to many with the massive readership that many blogs bring in around Mets-land, but half a million views is a lot to me, and I can’t thank you enough!


Postseason Picture for September 11th 2016

postseason picture 2016 logo.png

Here’s a look at the latest standings, figures and odds for the Mets and the Postseason.

First, here’s a look at the National League Eastern Division Standings:


As you can see, Washington has this division locked up. There hasn’t been much movement in the division, and it would be highly un-likely for Washington to fall in the division.

The Wild Card is a more tight race:


Ultimately, the Mets might be the only team that can overtake the Giants or Cardinals, Miami and Pittsburgh will need a lot of luck if they are going to have a chance.

Is the Wild Card game the Postseason?

Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 10.18.11 AM.png

I was reading an article from one of my favorite, satirical Mets Bloggers, Shannon Shark, from, where he explains that a team that makes the Wild Card isn’t really a “playoff” team:

The 2016 Mets are like a team that’s trying to get the eight seed in the NHL playoffs.  Not really that good, but their fans will take a few weeks of playoff actions because hey why not. – Shannon Shark

Honestly, I disagree for a few reasons, but I do understand what he is saying. Frankly, I believe the Wild Card game is just as much of a postseason game as the seventh game of the World Series is (title, not significance, obviously).

I think the one thing that Mr.Shark hit on was that this team just isn’t really that good. And for that matter doesn’t really feel like the Mets. I have trouble rooting for Jay Bruce, Alejandro De Aza and James Loney, because they just don’t feel like the New York Mets.

Granted, a lot of injuries have occurred, and when that happens, you are pretty helpless, and have little to no control over your roster, but this team feels like a team that is being held together by glue, and we are waiting for the A guys to come back. Problem is, there are no A guys that we are waiting for, besides Duda and Lagares who are both very questionable for play this year, and David Wright, who we will be lucky to see in uniform on Opening Day 2017.

Is anyone else having trouble rooting for the 2017 Mets?

Steve Hofstetter pranks Mets fans

Professional comedian Steve Hofstetter was at a Mets game a few days ago, and like he usually does, he did something routine with a comedic twist.

This time, Hofstetter teased Mets fans with things like season tickets and a vacation with Bartolo Colon, and the only caveat was that they had to answer three questions correctly. Check out the video to see what happened:


Obligatory Blog Post about how the Mets signed Tim Tebow


I really don’t want to talk about Tim Tebow. I don’t know much about the guy other than he was a major success with the Broncos, lost his QB spot to Peyton Manning, signed with the Jets, Patriots, and hosted some TV shows.

However, since every other Mets blog and New York news outlet has an article posted with the same image of Tim Tebow, with the Adidas cap and navy blue shirt, I thought I might as well add my two cents, if it’s even worth that.

Yes, it’s a move to sell tickets, but is that wrong? Think about it, why did the Marlins sign Giancarlo Stanton? Why did the Mets lock up David Wright? Yes, to improve the team, but signing players, no matter if he is a journeyman or a star, is to make the team, which is a business, better. And better business’ (or teams) get better profit (or better attendance). If Tim Tebow can play, why not sign him? Since when is trying to get more people in the ballpark a bad thing? It’s considerably better than a promotion, which is an off-field gimmick (for the most part). This is an actual player that comes with a lot of baggage, and baggage gets people out to the ballpark.

Think about this, it’s April 15th in Columbia, South Carolina. What would be an attendance of 850 people, is now a packed stadium of 9,077 anxious spectators, that are actually watching the game, not sticking around for the postgame fireworks, to see a player they want to see take the field. Hotels, dining at the ballpark at appeal would all increase in any city the Tebow Baseball roadshow hits, and it costs the Mets next to nothing, so why not?

#ThePlusInMetsPlus with’s Michael Baron

Mets Plus

For today’s installment of “The Plus In Mets Plus”, we have a writer that has truly become a fan favorite. Michael Baron, formally of and, has been on the Mets scene for a while now, and today he was kind enough to join us to answer some of our pressing questions.


  1. First off, can you give us a brief synopsis of who you are in case someone doesn’t know?

Until 2016, I covered and wrote about the Mets for both SNY.TV and I have written an endless number of features, conducted countless interviews and Q&As with players, coaches and front office personnel, and provided analysis for news and events surrounding the team during that time. In addition to written content, I have produced digital content both photographically and in video, live blogging in both content sets at times over the years.


  1. While the Mets aren’t in…

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