With Three Games to go, Wild Card up in the Air


159 games in, and there are still a lot of postseason questions completely up in the air. Will the Mets get a postseason spot? Will they play the Wild Card Game in Citi Field? Who has home field advantage? The Mets or the Giants? How about the Cardinals?

Here’s what we know:


If the season ended today, the Mets would be the first Wild Card.

However, every single scenario is still a possibility, as the Cardinals are only two games back of the Mets, who hold the first wild card.

According to Matthew Cerrone of MetsBlog.com, St Louis has the tiebreak over the Mets, so in a tie, we would go to St.Louis, but San Francisco would come to us if that’s how it panned out.

The Mets, with at least two wins in this series are guaranteed to play games beyond Sunday, and there are plenty of situations present where the Mets play games beyond Sunday if they only win one in Philly.

The best case scenario is for the Cardinals to completely leap-frog the Giants, and to have the Cardinals come to Citi Field.



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