Jacob deGrom will NOT pitch tommorow

National League Championship Series - New York Mets v. Chicago Cubs - Game Three

Or any time soon for that matter:

I’m a huge Jacob deGrom fan, and this news is really depressing. I was hoping that deGrom was going to be able to combat the soreness that he was been battling since mid-August, and even blogged about it this morning.

However, on a relatively nice Saturday afternoon, Sandy Alderson revealed that “Jake just had issues with ulnar nerve in his right elbow, not unusual following Tommy John surgery,”  “He threw BP yesterday, felt great, shagged in outfield, threw ball and had some pain. Unlikely to pitch tomorrow and the rest of season. We will see. It’s likely to require surgical repair, not significant procedure, as far as risk going forward.”

The procedure, called  “Ulnar Nerve Surgery”, is already scaring fans, as it sounds like a surgery similar to Tommy John, which could keep deGrom out until the 2018 season, however, Adam Rubin, a staff writer for ESPN, and ESPN’s Mets Beat Writer, explains that it is a considerably lighter surgery:

Doctors move the nerve and you no longer have that “funny bone” feeling behind the pitching elbow. The issue is caused because the nerve pops out of the track it sits in and causes irritation. – Adam Rubin

Rubin also revealed that deGrom should be ready for Spring Training.


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